What exactly is branding and why is it so important?

In-depth Brand Management and Communication Strategy

Creative Kea, a forward-looking progressive advertising and business communication agency with an acute insight for marketing and advertising trends inspired by technology-driven consumer behaviours, offers a set of integrated marketing and advertising solutions devised for the modern-day global markets and consumers. CreativeKea’s 360 degree Brand Management solutions are devised for meaningful communication for all the media platforms including:-





Corporate Branding Solutions

Corporate Identity Creation

Brand Name Development

Brand Story Development

Tagline Development

Brand Mascot Development

Brand Stationery Designing

Marketing Communications

Planning & Execution

Corporate Slideshow and Video Presentation

PowerPoint Presentations

Print Designs

Printing Solutions

Brand Management Process

Business Analysis & Consultancy

We make an overall study of business to make an estimation of growth sectors for a business incorporating areas as target audience and expansion centres. From the derived results, we, prepare an evolving and involving market communication strategy for both print as well as digital media. Our profound business analysis depends upon several of business factors:-

Looking Out for Customers

The market has been changed with technology platforms like the internet and smartphones. The consumer is now powerful in terms of information reach and movability is mostly found on social media as well. Our business analysis solutions at the same time do a competitive analysis of your business’s standing in your niche market on parameters like sales, market capitalization, target audience, product, price, etc. The result of audience analyses here extends to making an opportunity for you in all the integrated media platforms.

Creating Opportunity and Solutions to Reach Customer

After having awareness about the target audience, the next step is devising and implementing seamless Brand Communication solutions for the positioning of the brand. Here, creative briefs are evolved, developed and implemented with a greater scheme of brand development aligning to the product-specific tone, voice and visuals for firmly establishing it in the market. A specific product USP is identified and is repeated several times to firmly set a brand into a customer’s mind.

Measuring and Tracking, Brand Communication

Contrary to previously established practices of Brand communication now technology is easily available at the fingertips of consumers. It has thus made it far easier to measure the performance of any marketing communication initiative in real-time, irrespective of, it is offline or online. However, measurement is very necessary for a consistently changing environment of brand communication inclusive of digital mediums.

Brand Development

It includes physical steps that you take to implement brand strategy across different platforms in form of advertisement, marketing collateral and other branding activities organized under a tactical campaign. The campaign is being carried out it an equal force across all the platforms of mass media.

Brand Image

It is thus made from a collective result of the steps of brand management and where, finally, a consumer perceives your product. However, a brand image largely depends upon the right evolution of brand identity further strengthening with combined efforts of brand strategy and brand development.

Brand Identity

The next step to Creative Kea Brand Management is creating Brand Identity, for the range of services and products offered by a company. A four step-process beginning width Brand Identity, which involves, the inevitable steps of product marketing including Brand Strategy, Brand Development and Brand Image.

Brand Strategy

The next step to brand identity is about defining the steps, where, all your marketing and branding goals will head towards. When heading forward on the path to brand, here, you decide about an integrated but unified marketing effort applied consistently across all platforms.

Campaign Strategy

Campaign strategy is a foundation to entire branding activities that takes place after the creation of the initial brand identity. It is an amalgamation of steps of brand strategy, brand development and brand image acting together for positioning of your range of product and services.

CreativeKea’s campaign strategy is an integrated marketing communication approach catering to all the aspects of modern-day consumerism across all mediums of mass communication. Our campaign strategy achieves goals:-

  • Catching the attention of the audience with creative advertising
  • Weaving a campaign around a brand story
  • And then marketing the campaign to audiences

Therefore, our campaign strategy is for all audience irrespective of platform and ideally aligned width your business goals. It is, hence, based around the following business goals and objectives.

  • Based on contemporary and predicted future trends, our, out of the box ideas just not engage your target audience but are powerful enough to lead them towards actionable results as email sign-up, a free trial or purchase.
  • To make the best use of our campaign strategy, it is carefully knitted for both online and offline marketing efforts. Though, separated, they are integrally entwined as a combined effort for brand promotion. Targeting the audience, a single message is sent towards the consumer in multiple ways, while, leading your target audience to conversion.

CreativeKea campaign strategy is based around not a single demographic customer, instead, is projected for all the different points in a conversion funnel. We cover the entire potential customers active at all the possible mass communication mediums across the globe.

This way, Creative Kea Brand Management offers product and services requisite business need and requirement across the globe.

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